Friday, April 18, 2014

Disney and Dessert...

...Last Sunday I signed AR up to go to an event at the community college. It was called Disney and Dessert. I wasn't really sure what it was but it turned out to be awesome! It was put on by the Young Children's Theater so there was probably 50+ kids dressed up in all kinds of Disney characters. We got there and found seats. I think AR was more excited that I let her drink pink lemonade than she was about the princesses. Unfortunately, she didn't know hardly any since we don't watch them at home and I only knew the ones from my day and age. Still, she enjoyed dancing around, drinking lemonade, and all the other kids there.

She gave Ariel a big hug when she saw her!

This lion was so friendly. She was maybe ten years old and you should have heard her belt out Queen of the Jungle!

Here's Nemo, who also happened to be my boss' daughter! She was really sweet to AR and took her off to meet some of the other characters and sat in the front row with her. Of course, AR thought that was awesome!

She was pretty excited about the cookies too!

Luckily, the characters were all nice and told us who they were. This is Sophia from Sophia the First. AR liked her despite the look. I think Sophia was struggling not to drop her.

This is Clover from Sophia the First. I told AR we needed to get a pic with the bunny because it's probably the only one we'll see this Easter season.

As I said before, AR didn't know who any of the princesses were. She was a big fan of the warthog (The Lion King), the Genie (Aladdin), and the snowman (Frozen). As one mom pointed out, she was a fan of all the male characters!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Double Walk Weekend...

...This past weekend, AR and I went to Cape to visit my dad. We *thought* we were doing a 5k, turns out my dad signed us up for TWO 5ks. Whew, it was exhausting!!!

We started off the day bright and early but started with some basketball before we left.

I never knew a ball was so much entertainment for my girl. We'll definitely be playing at the basketball courts now just as much as the playground.

Then we went to the SEMO Walk for Women. AR got a face tattoo, she played soccer with the players from the women's soccer team, then we went on the walk which was at least two miles, if not more.

After that race, we stopped by K-Mart and H snapped the sweetest pic of AR and me. You can see her redhawk tattoo on her cheek.

In the afternoon, we did the Color Me Cape 5k. It was like the Color Run we did last year. It was the least colorful run I did because AR decided to nap during the 5k so I bypassed all the color stations. Once we got back to my dad's, she was ready to go! Papa grilled us pork chops for dinner while the kids all played outside. Eh, well played and did Sha's toes.

Then we got the ball back out, she was a busy, busy girl!

She tried her hand at football too!

Where'd it go?

You can hear the train at the house. So every time it drove by and we heard it, AR would run over to the fence, wave, and say "Bye Choo Choo!"

Have I mentioned she's obsessed with her shoes? Here she's trying to put them back on after Sha doing her toes.

Whoa-big throw!

Taking a break and watching the boys play some.

I told my dad I'm not coming back down again if I have to walk five miles in one day!!! But hey, hopefully it's motivation to get back to it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 3!!!

...Being as there's no way I'll ever get to 250 cakes by myself, we've decided to make this a family effort! So my sis and I both are on the I have all my friends that send me texts with cakes they find. I have at least four different people send me cake pictures over the weekend. I love it so please keep doing it! Here's the latest we've found this weekend:

Cake #11-Manchester City Hall
My sister found this one and since the girls weren't with her, she improvised with a Flat H and Flat AR to pose with the cake. I really like this one!

Cake #12 AKC Museum of the Dogs with Flat H and Flat AR

Cake #13 World Bird Sanctuary
We got out here and actually got to see some awesome birds like owls, bald eagle, hawks, vultures. AR thought this place was pretty cool.

Cake #14 Lone Elk Park
So yeah, my model wasn't very cooperative here. She refused to have her picture taken alone so here's both of us with the candle and she insisted on hitting the button on the camera herself.

The actual cake and not just candle of the Lone Elk Park.

Cake #15 The Blue Owl
Unfortunately, they were closed so no pie for us. :-(

Cake #16 Mastodon State Park
At this time, we realized it's much easier to have a 10 year old get in and out of the car vs both her and a 2 year old in and out of a carseat.

Cake #17 Jefferson Barracks
Some lady was there before us getting a picture of her dog with the cake...and I thought photographing a 2 year old with it was tough!

Cake #18 Civil War Museum

Cake #19 Grant's Trail
This one was really hidden and definitely off the beaten path!

Cake #20 St. Anthony's Hospital

Cake #21 Six Flags
My sis and H found the following three on Sunday after we headed home.

Cake #22 Purina Farms

Cake #23 Shaw Nature Reserve

Cake #24 Union Station
Nanny and AR found this one!

Twenty-four down...Happy Cake Hunting!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Label Daddy Discount!!!

...Have you heard of Label Daddy? If not then you are missing out! With AR headed to preschool in the fall, I'm already trying to figure out how to make sure she gets home with her jacket, lunchbox, etc...since I won't be there for drop-off/pick-up. Lucky for me, I've come across Label Daddy!
Label Daddy labels keep your belongings from getting lost or mixed up with others. These labels are super durable peel-and-stick washable labels -- they're washer/dryer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and UV resistant! Label Daddy labels are also fun and attractive. You design your own labels! 
Pick from many colors, sizes and logos, including Disney and Marvel characters, MLB, NBA, and NHL team logos, other sport and fun logos, and more. Our exclusive laminated coating gives labels an extra layer of protection and is a must for camp, school, or just because they're plain cute! These labels are made in the USA and shipped directly to you worldwide. Save 10% on Label Daddy labels! Go to their website and use code USFAMILY10 at checkout.

Ozeri Serafino Double Wall Insulated Beverage and Coffee Glasses...

...I love getting mail and I was especially excited when I opened a FedEx box with Ozeri Serafino Double Wall Insulated Beverage and Coffee Glasses.

They are the perfect glasses our family has been looking for!

  • Set of 4 heat and shatter resistant borosilicate glasses that each hold 12 oz.
  • Stronger and more durable than common glass, each glass features a wraparound contour that provides a natural aesthetic grip
  • Patent-pending double wall design that suspends drinks within an inner wall, creating an engaging optical effect
  • Designed to keep your hands cool with hot drinks and free of condensation with chilled beverages
  • Completely dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe; Ships in an elegant 4 color printed box with a 1 Year Warranty; Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • It fits perfectly in my hand as to reduce the chance of spilling. You can put freezing cold milkshakes or warm coffee in it and it will stay hot or cold without sweating. They look elegant yet not too fancy so perfect for our household. Plus, I don't have to worry if they do drop, they won't break.

    Now to go and dream up what yummy, delicious drinks I can put in my new cups!!!

    Monday, April 14, 2014

    The Hurricane Golf Tour...

    ...Golf, it's indirectly been a big part of my life over the years. My dad played it, my stepdad almost was a professional golfer and still golfs daily and me? Well, I've taken a few lessons here and there. It's one of those life long sports that you should always be at least good enough not to embarrass yourself. I'm good on the long drive, horrible on the putting.

    With the Masters being on TV lately, my interest in golf has reoccurred. I recently found out about the Hurricane Tour. It is comprised of four components: the Junior Tour, the Collegiate Tour, the Amateur Tour, and the Tour Shop (online). Based out of Jacksonville, FL, the Hurricane Tour administers over 150 events all across the country. With three different tours, golfers of any age and skill level are provided an opportunity to play the game. Obviously, I won't be playing, but I love watching some of the kids outdrive the adults!

    The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (#HJGT) was founded in 2008 with the intention of providing junior golfers between the ages of 11-18 an opportunity to play exceptional courses in a competitive environment. With play open to both males and females, nearly every junior golfer is eligible to participate on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour. Membership for the HJGT is $89.00 and players receive discounted member pricing at each event. Every Hurricane Junior Golf Tour event is ranked by the National Junior Golf Scoreboard (NJGS) and features a chance for players to earn AJGA stars. The top 3 finishers at each event will earn prizes. For a complete list of Junior Tour tournaments, visit this site.

    The Hurricane Collegiate Golf Tour (#HCGT) was founded in 2011 and is perfect for college-aged golfers looking to perfect their game this summer in competitive tournaments at great venues. Whether you are a collegiate golfer looking to practice during the off-season, a future college golfer looking to prepare for the upcoming season, or a non-college golfer that wants to compete in first-class events, the HCGT is the tour for you! Membership to the tour is absolutely FREE and provides access to all 28 tournaments this summer in 11 different states. Top 3 finishers at each event will earn prizes. For a complete list of Collegiate Tour tournaments, visit this site.

    The Hurricane Amateur Golf Tour (#HAGT) was founded in 2014 with the intention of providing golfers of any age and skill level an opportunity to play exceptional courses in a competitive environment, while raising money to benefit the Hurricane Foundation and other charitable organizations alike. In order to play on the Hurricane Amateur Golf Tour, players must become a member for the low rate of $25. Amateurs (men, women and seniors) will compete in one of 10 flights based on their handicap, gender, and age. Senior Flights are for players that have turned 50 years old by May 17, 2014. Every tournament on the 2014 schedule will have a unique "Major Championship" feel to it. A special feature of the Amateur Tour is the "19th Hole Dinner," where players will have the opportunity to win raffles, giveaways, and silent auctions. The top 3 finishers in every flight will compete for the $2,000 total prize purse regardless of field size at the tournament. The payouts will be in form of gift cards to the Hurricane Tour Shop. For a complete list of Amateur Tour tournaments, visit this site. Maybe I should reconsider'd probably be easier on my knees than running, right?

    Lastly, the online Hurricane Tour Shop was created in 2013 for the purpose of offering golfers of all ages the newest trends in golf apparel, equipment and accessories at PREFERRED PRICING.

    You can find more information about each component on their own individual websites:
    Junior Tour:
    Collegiate Tour:
    Amateur Tour:
    Tour Shop:

    Be sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date on what's happening with the Hurricane Golf Tour.

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    Drive-In at the Library!!!

    ...Last Wednesday, Nanny was in town. I always try to find fun things for AR and her to do when she watches her. I checked out the library's calendar and saw that there was a Drive-In Movie. I signed AR up and sent the two of them on the way. As soon as I got this picture from Nanny, my heart melted-how adorable is this!!! Don't mind her missing wheel in this picture.

    Every kid got a box and supplies to decorate. Nanny had to do most of the decorating but AR loved driving it around.

    I love the back of her car! That's her license plate with her initials and there's red reflectors on it. They watched two five-minute videos that were projected on the wall. It was Cars and Toy Story which she's never seen either. My mom said AR was laughing hysterically which made all the other kids and parents laugh. She had such an awesome time! I'm sad that I missed it because I had to work but I'm happy that she has the grandmas to take her to these fun opportunities.

    After they decorated their cars, then they had to go gas them up and then go to the car wash before the "movie" started. This was such a sweet, adorable event. It almost makes me want to do a car wash birthday party but we're knee-deep in our theme already so there's no turning back. Oh and did I mention that this whole thing was free???

    AR does monthly classes at the library and we do special events with them when it works into our schedule. If you haven't, be sure to check out your local library because they offer amazing programs!