Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Cards #Postseason...

...On my wedding anniversary, Papa took us girls to the NLCS game 1 against the Giants. Unfortunately, we didn't bring home a win but we had a great time! Here's Papa with his granddaughters and his brick.

My sis and me with the brick...and AR photobombing, she wouldn't get out of the pic!

All us girls!

Papa and his girls!

AR is still free so she didn't have a seat. Well, what do you do when you don't have a seat? Sit on the cupholder!

Sha and I pulled out our stocking caps for some rally cap ju-ju but it just wasn't enough!

I was really hoping for an I-70 series but alas our boys just couldn't pull it off. Since we're out, I'll say this once and probably never again...GO ROYALS!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Potty Training Conversations...

...It seems as though more and more of my friends are discussing potty training. We started loosely training right after her second birthday. Luckily, my mom was here all summer so they worked really hard on it and she's doing great. We still have accidents from time to time and use a diaper for naps/bed time but she's usually more successful than not. Most days she has no accidents at our sitter nor at preschool and I consider that #winning! Here are just some of our conversations over the past few months...

*On the phone with a co-worker and former Olympic soccer player, I lean over AR's carseat and she says directly into the phone, "Mommy, I wear panties!"

*AR hates when I vacuum. One Saturday in June, I told her to go wait in her room while I vacuumed the living room. A few minutes later, I finish and go to check on her. She's innocently sitting in her room in the dark, on her glider completely naked. I ask her if she needs some Mommy love (meaning Mommy holds her and we cuddle) and she said yes. I pick her up and sit on the pee. Needless to say, Mommy had to change her pants and panties too.

*Leaving Emma's birthday party we just got on the interstate when AR says, "Mommy, potty! I poop!" Next exit-poop break! Luckily, we made it.

*Conversation on the potty:

 Me: You need to wipe your vagina.

 AR: Oh 'gina?

Me: Yes, your vagina.

AR: Audi 'gina?

Me: Yes, AR's vagina.

AR: Mommy's 'gina?"

Me: Yes, Mommy has a vagina.

AR: Daddy 'gina?"

Me: No, Daddy has a penis.

AR: Oh, penis...Audi penis?

Me: No, only Daddy has a penis. You have a vagina.

AR: Oh, Audi 'gina. Okay. 

*On a Sunday morning, I was called to the bathroom to help "the baby" aka her doll to go potty. What this really meant is that she took her baby potty and dropped her in the toilet.

*I was folding laundry on the couch while Matt sat in his recliner. AR was running around naked before bedtime. I heard her toot and asked if she needed to go potty. “No, I fine, Mommy.” Matt and I continued talking while AR stood between my legs. I glance down and see she has pooped. I exclaim, “AR, why didn’t you tell me you had to potty?” and Matt says, “Wow, AR, I didn’t know something that size could come out of you.”

So yeah, it's a work in progress but we're getting there. I will say this, cleaning up poop in a diaper is much easier than cleaning up poop in panties!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just Chillin' at Nanny's...

...This trip was lots of play and relaxation too! With a 2 year-old, you know you can have fun anywhere so some days we didn't even leave Nanny's house. Here's so pics of us just hanging out around Nanners' house. Here's AR and I chillin' on the deck early one morning. Of course, my child has no idea that vacations are meant for sleeping in!

On Sunday, AR went golfing with Nanny...still at Nanny's because they live on the golf course!

AR helped Nanny cut bell peppers for dinner...

...and sampled a few too!

Nanny and AR worked on learning how to sew

My mom is so good working with AR on things I wouldn't even think of doing like cutting with a knife/scissors or sewing...I'm too chicken but Nanny knows how to let her do it safely.

Ta-da! Finished product...a bunch of scraps sewed together! Hey, we all gotta start somewhere, right?

Thank you Nanny for a great trip!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weeki Wacha State Park...

...First off, happy birthday Nanny!!! On Saturday, Nanny took us to Weeki Wacha State Park where they have a LIVE mermaid show! It was a little cheesy but it was still an awesome show. These women (and one man) were underwater for almost twenty minutes total. They had these breathing things that they took a "shot of oxygen" which totally reminded me of those vaporless smoking things.

The park is a natural spring and you can actually swim in it. Here's AR and me waiting for one of the shows to start.

The first mermaid show we went to was an informational one so it was a bit lost on AR but she had a good time making funny faces at me.

AR and Nanny

After the first mermaid show, we took a quick boat ride which AR was trying to hang out the boat!

Some quick ice cream that can be seen on AR's shirt in his pic then we headed back to see The Little Mermaid show. This is my mom's FL best friend, Aunt Gissy, and Gissy's mom, Nana.

Another mermaid again!

AR and I with a fake mermaid and there were peacocks roaming around!

AR even got to meet a "real life" mermaid and wanted to hold her hand.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Homosassa State Park...

...Friday at Nanny's, the day started off with making lasagna! Here's AR and David helping Nanny with the meal.

We headed to Homosassa State Park, a place we visit every time we're down there. AR really enjoyed it this year as she's just more aware of her surroundings. Here's the fake alligator that wasn't too sure of...

Through my writing venture, I've made a great friend with another author, K.S. Thomas, who lives in Florida. Her, her mom, and her daughter drove up to hang out with us for the day. AR was so excited to see her daughter and the two were besties within thirty seconds of meeting each other.

We watched the manatees being fed and I snagged this great shot.

Here are the girls, love this shot! It was sooo hot but it was nice and cool in the underwater viewing deck.

Nanny, AR, and me in front of the sign...we have to get this pic every time we go!

After a few hours at the park, we headed back to Nanny's and enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner of lasagna and some delicious chocolately dessert I requested because I knew through our many conversations that K.S. is a fan which must be why we get along so well despite my dislike for coffee. Here we are looking so hip and with front of Nanny's quilted wall hanging...:-/ So glad we got to meet up! She's just as awesome in person as she is in our writing group and now I have two autographed copies of her books, my name is even in one! Hopefully we can meet up more often. We're trying to locate a Hastings we can chill at so if anyone knows where there's still one open, let me know.

After a long, hot day with manatees, new friends, chocolate, and more swimming, AR took as nice long bubble bath!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nanny's or Bust!!!

...Late Wednesday night, well late for us at 8PM, AR and I boarded a jet plane and headed to Florida to visit Nanny. This is the first time AR had her own seat. Despite having to lug around a carseat throughout the airport, it really wasn't that bad and she did AWESOME!!! Carseats are not required but my two cents-totally worth it and glad we had it because our flight was very turbulent, probably more so than in a car. In a car, she wouldn't have a lap belt so I'm glad we had the carseat for the flight.

Our flight wasn't full so we had the whole row to ourselves. I borrowed these headphones and they worked out great...except that AR still sang Frozen out loud! Luckily we were by the wing so you could barely hear her. You'd think she'd fall asleep and I'd say, ha, you're crazy! She wanted to fall asleep, cried a bit, but wouldn't give it up. When we landed I apologized to those around us and they were like, what? We couldn't even hear her!

Here we are right before landing time! Still wide awake!!!

We got back to my mom's around 1:30AM but that didn't stop AR from getting up super early to swim! I brought my laptop to the patio and enjoyed the outdoors as well...not a bad view, eh?

These two didn't get out of the pool ALL DAY LONG!

And Nanny didn't get all that sunscreen rubbed in too well either...

Oh well! Still cute!

A quick rainstorm came through but that STILL didn't stop them!

Check out this girl, finally got out of the pool and chillin' before dinner...well at least trying not to fall asleep!

We walked to the neighbors' for dinner and saw this! Great view to start the day and gorgeous day to end it!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bowling for Autism...

...This Saturday night, we're sitting in Nanny's house in Florida but last Saturday, AR and I were bowling for autism. AR's sitter put together a bowling fundraiser. It was really a great deal...$40 for 5 people to bowl which included 3 hours unlimited bowling, shoes, pizza, and a pitcher of soda. $20 went directly to Autism Speaks and then she had raffles and other fundraisers. In total, I think she made a little over $300!

AR insisted on wearing her Pacman shirt and she loved the cosmic bowling lights.

She bowled with me every other frame. We actually did better when she helped me!

Of course our sitter and her family were there which AR loved (despite her face in this picture!).

This was our bowling lane (minus me) playing the Heads or Tails game.

And AR's best girl friend from the sitter's was there and shared the same lane as us. These two were loving it!!!